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when there are feelings of sadness over what is lost, that is grief.


let's expand the definition of grief


For the past decade, Kaylee has worked to change the way we understand, process, and support grief.


As a grief counselor at a local nonprofit hospice, Kaylee had the privilege of walking alongside grievers as a companion; uplifting each individual as the expert of their own story. Each person she met during this time further confirmed to her that we grieve so much more than losses suffered through the death of a lived one. In each and every individual session, family grief session, support group, and memorial event, Kaylee found that an individual's life is colored by grief in all forms - relationships, roles, hopes for the future, and changes to the story they believed about what their life would look like.

Today, Kaylee continues her work as an author, public speaker, and community organizer of large scale events that create space for each attendee to look back at life most difficult moments, and the pain they felt, and say "that is grief".

Kaylee has been featured in articles, podcasts, community trainings, online courses, and magazines giving voice to feelings of grief and expanding our community's understanding of the many losses that cause grief throughout our lives.

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Parent Guide

charlie sue & marmaduke

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Supporting a child in grief can be a daunting task. Knowing what to say and when to talk about their feelings can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Charlie Sue & Marmaduke, a story of grief for parents and children is meant to be a guide for parents to facilitate conversations about grief with their children through natural conversation during story telling.

This practical guide offers suggestions questions and tips as parents and children read a story about a pug who lost her best friend and has set out to find him again.

Charlie sue and marmaduke.png

This story of Charlie Sue + Marmaduke captivated our family’s heart immediately. The images of these sweet animal friends was phenomenal yet not overpowering to the story.

We began walking the journey alongside the friends, walking so closely, we feel the grief as the reader. My children noticed my tears right away and that offered an opportunity for discussion. Both of my children appreciated the story being told through the eyes of animals rather than of humans.

The adult caregiver guide was a detailed and beneficial resource to use to direct and encourage creative dialogue. This is a wonderful opportunity to open up conversations among circles of care.

I am a death doula and will absolutely share this marvelous depiction of grief and love, as well as the conversation guide, with the folks I serve!

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